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GRAYS ANATOMY Henry Gray F.R.S Drawings by H. V. Carter


GRAY’S ANATOMY Henry Gray F.R.S Drawings by H. V. Carter

Paper back. Bumped corners and shelf tired. Tight unread condition.

ISBN 0752524097

The Classic Medical Reference Book

This classic work of reference about the human body has not been bettered since its publication in 1858. Fully illustrated and totally comprehensive, it is the ultimate book for understanding how we work.

The beautiful engravings by H. V. Carter are masterpieces of accuracy and proportion, and Henry Gray's prose describes in fascinating detail all the miraculous forms and functions of our bodies.

No household is complete without this book. It is an essential reference book for family health, and represents a fascinating voyage of discovery into the very nature of our bodies.

Parragon 1998

Dimensions; 20 x 13.5 x 5 cm

Large book postage 2nd £3.00

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